Till that a capable and wide revenge swallow them up. – Shakespeare: Othello III.iii.

Hector (The Assassin Who Couldn’t Dance), Lucy and Morgan, and the ex-recon team are back. It’s now three years later. Lucy has finished college. Hector is in Iraq training police for an elite reaction team. The Leary Group has grown to a worldwide business under Denny Leary and Gil Scott. Everything is going well…

But that’s about to change.

The Group – a corrupt segment of the U.S. military, thought disbanded, is back. Under new management with tentacles reaching as far as the Senate, it is even more ruthless than its predecessor. The last obstacle standing in the way of unlimited power and money is Corley’s unnamed department. A government entity with its own power base, and the mandate to stop the Group by any means necessary. The plan has been set into motion, with Corley’s department in the states already reduced, most through assassination, the rest on the run. In Iraq, the Group enlists Bazam Shokor, a sadistic killer, and his militant band of followers for the final clean-up. Believing Hector and the ex-recon team are part of Corley’s department, and needing the names of surviving personnel, they draw the recon team to Iraq – by the most appalling means. A war begins, ranging from the streets of Baghdad to the streets of Miami to the farms of Wisconsin, drawing into the conflict a beautiful news reporter, an accountant, and a most unlikely inside-man

Through it all and against impossible odds, Hector, Lucy and their allies must fight for their survival…and revenge.


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